We are pleased to announce the FHSC Board of Directors for the 2024 season:

Paul Wheeler President Term ends October 2024* president@fhsc.net
Chris Slavin Vice-President Term ends October 2024* vicepresident@fhsc.net
PJ Pescarino Treasurer Term ends October 2024 treasurer@fhsc.net
Mary Dunn Secretary Term ends October 2025 secretary@fhsc.net
Sandra Wolff Membership Term ends October 2024 membership@fhsc.net
Dan Forberg Management & Operations Term ends October 2024 operations@fhsc.net
Derek Putrus Building & Grounds Term ends October 2025 facilities@fhsc.net
Laura Dale Social Term ends October 2025 social@fhsc.net
Melissa Beattie Special Projects Term ends October 2025communications@fhsc.net
Kristen Croft Swim Team Term ends October 2025 swimteam@fhsc.net

* moved in to role mid-term

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