Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions regarding membership:

Yes, Forest Hills life guards offer free swim lessons to all school aged children (must be toilet trained).You need to sign up for lessons at the front desk or see a manager for availability and details.

No, all school aged children are allowed to try out for the Water Hog Swim Team. There is a separate fee $95.00 per swimmer to join the team. The fee covers all swim team costs except the official team suit – which is purchased separately during our swim team suit fitting day. (for additional information please see Swim Club Tab)

Yes, we offer soft drinks, candy, ice cream, pizza and hot dogs during all open pool hours. During the season we do offer manager grill specials – Burgers, Pop and Chips for a small fee. During a home swim meet there is a concession stand which is a fundraiser for the team – burgers, bagels, soft drinks and baked goods are all available for purchase.

Yes, there is a picnic area, storage area for coolers and a small kitchen, so you can bring your own food and enjoy it throughout the day. Members can use the Swim Club grills at any time.

You need to complete the Membership Application Form and send it to the membership chair – provided that stock is available, once we receive the application, you will be contacted by the Membership Chair. You will send a check for the stock fee, initial fee and yearly membership dues to the membership chair. Your application will be processed and you will receive a stock certificate and become a member of the club.

Stock purchase price of $1,020, which is refundable when you sell your shares of stock. Initial Fee $500 (non-refundable) and the yearly dues $625 to become a member of the club. After the initial year, you only pay the yearly dues which are currently $625.

Application Fee: $50.00 (non-refundable)
Stock Shares: $1,020.00 (refundable when you leave club and stock is sold)
Initiation Fee: $500.00 (one-time, non refundable)
Yearly Membership: $625.00
Total First Time Dues: $2,295